Lead Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

From Lead generation to admissions

eCampusLynx™ modules are fully customizable

Easily execute and analyze telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing campaigns. Generate operational, marketing and cost per lead analysis reports

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Efficient Financial Aid Processing & Management of Federal Title IV Funding.

eCampusLynx™ Financial Aid module enables you to track financial aid packages for both non-traditional and traditional schools.

Financial aid packages, including Federal subsidized and Stafford Loans

Student Placement

Student Placement

Help Students Find Job Opportunities & Track Their Placement

eCampusLynx™ Student Placement module is a great way to help administrators assist Students with job placement and track employment history.

You can search for students by Last Name, Social Security Number etc.

eCampusLynx™    Customizable Student Management Software 

Oracle Based

eCampusLynx™ is built on Oracle™ infrastructure, providing excellent reliability and structure while providing a secure client environment.

With a secure co-location, your data is always safe


Our software is completely customizable. need a certain module or change in function ?

We can handle just about any request and in a very timely manner.


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